We help you create a dependable & progressive recurring monthly income, in 12 to 24 months, to cover the cost of your monthly bills.

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Millions and millions of working class people around the world are confronted
every day with alarming financial issues such as…. 

We have great news!
We have discovered a convenient way
to solve these challenges using your
mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You can...


Our solution is simple and easy. Use your smart phone, computer or tablet to get registered.

Start sharing Dr. Wade’s inspirational video messages, our social media ads and our YouTube promotional videos on social media.

Simply insert your personal affiliate link into the message to receive credit. You will begin to earn a reliable & progressive recurring monthly income based on our compensation plan

When other people join our free shopping network, you will earn 5% commission on the store purchases from all the shoppers who follow you…from the very first customer up to the next 100,000 customers…regardless of who refer them. 

Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers to achieve our 4 Pillars of Success

We Work As A Team
To Achieve The Same Goals

We have created an ONLINE SHOPPING COMMUNITY where you get to earn from $1.25
to $15.00 commissions on each and every product purchased from all the people who
you refer that join our FREE wealth-building community.

This include all the people they refer…then all of the people they refer…so on and
so forth until you reach 100,000 customers. What this really mean is that you will earn from
$1.25 to $15.00 commissions on all of the purchases made by the
next 100,000 people who join our FREE shopping community after you.


Multiple Streams of Income
You will earn monthly recurring commissions when you and your followers
purchase the following products:
In the future, we will add other stores that will include categories such as:



Purchase $25 in products to activate your personal affiliate link.


Refer others via your personal affiliate link to build a huge customer base.


Earn monthly residual income on
the next 100,000 customers
follow you.

See the CHART below for details
of our Compensation Plan.

Based on average $25 purchase by all customers.
Purchase Amount
Member’s Reward %
Based on average $25 purchase by all customers.
Monthly Membership’s Rewards
Composite Monthly Income
Value / Customer
Up to 5 Accounts



If you are ready to build financial freedom and to create success on your terms, then together we will empower each other and enjoy these benefits...

Customer-Driven Store

Our tools are designed to convert your referrers into avid customers. We turn them into buyers and into repeat customers to buy more and buy more often. We use countdown timers, personalized coupons and a variety of tools for up-selling, cross-selling and promoting related products. We promote special and personalizing offerings based on a visitor’s product views and previous buying behavior. This means higher commissions and a bigger paycheck for you at the end of every month.

Very Cost-efficient

The un-intimidating monthly one-time required purchase of $25 in retail products makes The 1 Hour Workweek extremely valuable to fitting any budget while maximizing on your monthly residual earning potential. At this pricing you’ll get a lifetime membership to our growing list of making money products and services. You will continue to earn 5% monthly recurring commissions on the next 100,000 customers who follow you.

Residual Income

Unlike other retail stores where you are only rewarded for your personal effort, we pay you 5% commissions on everyone else’s effort. What that really means is that you will earn on average from $1.25 to $15 monthly recurring commissions on the total shopping cart purchase of the next 100,000 customers who follow you… regardless of who referred them…every time they make a purchase.

Bill Elimination

Many people will experience a great financial relief if they could earn an extra $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 of extra cash per month. When you join our community and refer others, you will begin to earn enough income within several months to eliminate much or even all your monthly bills depending on the amount of debt you are experiencing.
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Easy Communication with Customers

Communication is key to building a loyal customer base. Responding to questions and resolving issues quickly helps to build our brand’s reputation, and two-way communication also builds relationships that drive sales. We integration with Facebook Messenger for quick, on the spot chatting as well as options for making voice and video calls without the need to reveal personal contact information.

Create Appealing Bundle Discounts

Online shoppers love discount deals like sweet candies! We have several types of discounts, free shipping, free gifts, to “buy one, get one free offer” (BOGO) for our product bundles.
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Beautifully Responsive on All Devices

51% shoppers are shopping on their mobile phones & tablets. Our offers are optimized & displayed nicely on desktop, tablet and all mobile devices with eye-catchy popups to make sure customers have the best shopping experience
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Increase Order Value

Customers’ orders are magnified in size by giving them more wanted products around our store, just like Amazon’s shopping experience.
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Pre-designed Holiday Themes

Holiday season is always the best time of the year to skyrocket online sales. Therefore, a Holiday Themes Collection was carefully designed to help decorate our storefront, making our product sells more appealing on the special sales craze each year.
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Free Giveaways

When you participate in our weekly contest giveaway and weekly challenge, you can win lots of free stuff.
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Wealth-building Education

We educate you and provide you a wealth-building experience along the way. Our educational process will lead you to better health, more happiness, time freedom and financial freedom.
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Mail Support for Customer Contact

Our email service is designed to increase engagement, convert and enhance your referred prospect's experience with more click-through rates and sales conversions. In fact, a large portion of your commissions will be generated from communicating with your referrers using our email campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 1-Hour Workweek Affiliate Network is a community of working & middle-class people working towards a common mission. That mission is to ensure that every person gets to earn a reliable and progressing monthly recurring income & to build generational wealth for themselves and their family. In this process, we help to build the wealth and well-being of the communities we live in. 

To kick-start and to drive the success of our community, every member must purchase $25 in retail products. To keep to process stress-free and sustainable for long-term success, each participant is given a lifetime membership to earn 5% commission on the total cart purchase of the next 100,000 customers who follow him or her.  

With our nurturing campaign, we help you to get more customers, get customers to spend more money and to get customers to spend more often to generate you an increasing amount of monthly income. 

To apply, you must: 

  • Be 18 years of age 

It may require from 24 to 72 hours to process your initial order. After your order is processed, you’ll receive an email with your login codes to access your affiliate BackOffice. You will find your affiliate link in your BackOffice as well your affiliate dashboard to follow your level of success.

Upon acceptance into the 1-Hour Workweek Affiliate Network, you will receive your unique affiliate link which will track all of your referrals. When referring your audience, always use your unique affiliate link. Our tracking cookies last 365 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up within 365 days. When that user becomes a paying customer, you will earn a recurring monthly commission for the life of the user each time he or she makes a purchase. 

You’re eligible to receive a commission for users that you refer through your affiliate link. Each time referred user make a purchase you will earn a 5% commission on the total cart purchase. 

Also when your referred users refer other users and those users refer other users, you will earn a 5% commission until you reach 100,000 users who join after you. There is no limit to your monthly paycheck. See our compensation plan for details.

The 1-Hour Workweek Affiliate Network supports only PayPal for affiliate payouts. 

For credits created from the 1st up to and including the 15th of the month, the payout will occur five business days after the 15th day of the month. For credits created between the 16th to and including the last day of the month, the payout will occur five business days after the last day of the month. If the commission balance is below $25, then it will be held until the next payout period. 

For any payment disputes, contact our customer support at support@the1hourworkweek.com with the full details of the issue. We’ll review your message and do what we can to resolve it. 

You can track who your users are, the total revenue in that pay period from all your users, and the total revenue to date from all your usersSimply login into https://backoffice.the1hourworkweek.com/login. This is your affiliate BackOffice as discussed earlier.

When you join our network, we provide a variety of resources to help you thrive with the 1-Hour Workweek Affiliate Network.  

First…to keep it simple. Just refers others through your personal affiliate link along with a brief message to encourage them to click your link. They will be redirected back to our homepage to get the details. 

You can also share your personal success story because people love stories. 

Second…you can share our social media ads, videos, articles, quotes, memes, giveaway contest promotions and other resources.   

Again…your guest will be redirected back to website. If they sign-up to become affiliates you will receive credit.

Check out Our Social Media Ads Google Document:


Best of all, you can share Dr. Wade’s YouTube video messages on Facebook, Twitter and with your email.

Simple go our YouTube channel under Dr. Wade’s Video Messages and start sharing.

In your “status bar” add you affiliate link and a brief message, if you like. Dr. Wade will instruct the listener to click your affiliate link.

They will be redirect to our homepage to get the details. You will receive credit for the referral if they join our community. Your referrals will be tied to your affiliate link for up to 1 years if they decide to join anytime within that time period.

Even though you won’t have to promote any physical or digital products, our affiliate network gives you the opportunity to earn commissions on thousands of high-quality, competitively prices products. Our products can be tracked through the same affiliate link, making it simple & easy to earn commissions. 

You will earn monthly recurring commissions when you and your followers purchase the following products:

Our multi-tier network looks similar to a network marketing structure because you get paid on other people’s effort, except we function just like any other online retail store.  

The big difference is that instead of you get paid only on your person effort, we’ve designed our payout structure so that you get paid a 5% commission on the next 100,000 customers who join our FREE network after you. Leveraging other’s people time, money and effort is the only way for you to truly earn sustainable, residual income.

Commissions are structured as monthly recurring commission for each new purchase.  

You will earn from $1.25 to $15 for each purchase on average. With an annual purchase, the total commission will range from $15 to $180 on each participating user. 

And since you can paid on 100,000 customers as your network continue to grow, you can do the numbers. There’s no limit to your potential monthly paycheck.

Many people will experience a great financial relief if they could earn an extra $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 of extra cash per month.  

When you join our community and follow our recommendations, you will begin to earn enough income within several months of engaging the process to eliminate much or even all your monthly bills depending on the amount of debt you are experiencing.

Review the following videos on how to share our resources on social media. 

Best of all, you can share Dr. Wade’s YouTube video messages on Facebook, Twitter and with your email. 

Simple go our YouTube channel under Dr. Wade’s Video Messages and start sharing.  

In your “status bar” add you affiliate link and a brief message, if you like. Dr. Wade will instruct the listener to click your affiliate link.  

They will be redirect to our homepage to get the details. You will receive credit for the referral if they join our community. Your referrals will be tied to your affiliate link for up to 1 years if they decide to join anytime within that time period.  

Exciting New Features

Frequently Bought Together
So how does our "Frequently Bought Together" feature works?
Slide to Learn More »
With our Frequently Bought Together feature, we will display products that are purchased together in bundle by many other customers. We will provide you social proof of other customers who purchase these products.

In other words, we make suggestions on great products to save you time in your research and decision making process.


Click here to review our video on how to retrieve your affiliate link.


Notice: We continue to add other stores since this video.


Click here to review our video on how to make money online
posting our social media ads.


Note: You don't have to join our FB Group page to get started.

We increase your monthly residual income
with our Frequently Bought Together feature.
How you can benefit from it?

We use a social proof strategy to encourage your customers to purchase the products usually bought by other customers and therefore increase the average value of the order. We will suggest related products that can be interesting to your customers in order to boost the rate of purchase (e.g. we may suggest a memory card to your customers who purchase a camera. This can increase your commission by an additional 12%).

The right strategy to increase your sales.

Many statistics carried on most popular e-commerce shops have proved that sales are considerably increased by correct selling strategies. Suggesting products that customers generally buy together is one of the most effective among these marketing strategies.

The right cross-selling strategy is crucial because it affects conversion rates in a very significant way. Products suggested as “frequently bought together” are, in fact, much more appealing and customers who see them might be already interested in them. This way, conversion rates are really high. Likewise, our product suggestions will allow your customers to save a lot of time and research searching for the perfect products they are looking for.

We recommend products for a targeted upselling strategy.

We will encourage your customers who checking out a product to add accessories and related products to the cart. Not only do we automatically promote the related products, the up-sells or the cross-sells, but we pick custom products to set out a more solid strategy.

For every product, we can decide how many objects to show as “frequently bought together”. For example, we can recommend 10 products and decide whether to show them all or just some of them randomly and keep your customers’ interest high with new products every time.

We can set a discount to push your customers to buy more products.

Once we select the up-selling products, we can set up a discount (either a fixed or a percentage discount) to encourage your customers to buy the recommended products in one order.

We Measure Success in
Many Different Ways!

We all want to win. The only variation is the score we keep. We don’t want money to be our only measure of success. We want the members of our community to:
The metric is relative. But the desire is the same. A billionaire doesn’t need to work. Money becomes a way to keep a score or a relative account of how things are going. Even a billionaire who loses millions due to poor decisions can get depressed.

Although the money may have zero impact on his or her lifestyle, no one likes to lose. The drive to win is not a bad thing. Problems arise when the metric becomes the only measure of success. When what we achieve is no longer tied to “why” we exist, then we have nothing to inspire us to keep fighting the battle we set out to win in the first place.

We Are All Stronger When We
Work Together

We can support our families by supporting businesses. When businesses struggle, communities struggle. When communities struggle, families struggle. When families struggle, individuals struggle. When individuals struggle, it leads to joblessness, crime, imprisonment, poverty, homelessness, health issues, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and even death.

But when our businesses grow, our economic empowerment grows. We must work together as one to impact our struggles with the greatest amount of force.

Success is a team sport. We must take an all hands on deck approach. When we work together to consistently increase the number of new members and regularly purchase products from our community store we all get paid. Everyone will receive a pay check then a pay raise then another one each and every month as loyal members of our community.

Start Earning a Reliable
Monthly Income Now!

Please go through the following terms and conditions carefully.

Read Our Terms & Condition

You are required by law to complete a W-9 form [US Citizens] or W-8 Ben document [Non-US Citizens] You will not receive a commission check until this document is completed. We use https://www.esigngenie.com/ for your electronic signature. They are compliant with the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), electronic signatures are binding and fully enforceable. https://www.esigngenie.com/ provide stronger levels of authentication, have an audit trail attached to all documents, and are maintained by a trusted third party.

After completing the forms you may send them to us at admin@the1hourworkweek.com.

Please accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.

Building Economic Prosperity & Generational Wealth for Working-Class People is Our #1 Priority.

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