We help everyday working-class people worldwide earn a reliable monthly income and build generational wealth working from home using their cell phones.

We work together as a community to move in the same direction at the same time.

Big companies. Big Government
Is Bad For Business.

We say no more control of our lives by filthy-rich companies that are ripping us off and keeping us poor at their mercy. We are the working-class people and the backbone of America.

We say no more to giving away all of our income in the form of government taxes without a fight. If the rich can get a break, then so should we.

Is This Your Reality?

Don't worry! We work as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieve More) to help every member of our community to:

Low Prices & Fast Delivery
Is Deceiving You

Companies like Amazon & Walmart compete on prices, delivery time and customer service. These are just more ways to enrich themselves while keeping you poor. Jeff Bezos is worth 180 billion dollars. But none of that wealth belongs to you or your family.

As a community, we realize these things are important. And our goal is to provide them. But we don’t care whether Amazon or Walmart is better. What we care about is you. We care about your mental, physical and financial well-being. This is the sole reason we exist.
When you join our community, you are investing in yourself. Everything else will follow.

We Work As A Team To Achieve The Same Goals

In business, we’re always trying to compete against each other. We’re always trying to be better than someone else. Better quality. More features. More services. We’re always comparing ourselves to others. And no one wants to help us.

What if we showed up to work every day simply to be better than ourselves? What if our goal is to do better work this week than we did the week before?

We want to make this month better than last month…for no other reason but to leave the organization in a better state than we found it.

Our goal is to find people who believe what we believe and work together so that we can all succeed. We’re looking for people to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in pursuit of the same goal.

Success is a Team Sport

Everything we do is so that we are all in it together. We will focus on the things that are important to the growth of our community and measure the things that each member can truly control.
In other words, we make the stakes something that we can all win or lose on together, not separately.

Building Financial Wealth

We set monthly product purchase goals to collectively and aggressively re-circulate up to 97% of the money we spend back into each of our member’s bank account when we shop our community store for everyday products

Sponsoring Others

We function like a social movement. We not only excite the human spirit, but we inspire others to take part in helping to advance our cause.

They will include our belief in the context of their lifestyle, not because they have to but because they want to.

They will share our belief and even find ways to enhance the prosperity of a community that they can call their home.

Winning Means Always
Working Together

Big wealthy companies are getting rich and richer when they take our hard earned money to further enrich their own pockets.

On the other hand…we work as a TEAM to redirect the money we spend back into our own bank accounts.

As a member of our community, we show you how to make money, make it work to your advantage and how to avoid costly government taxes the legal way.

Ultimately, you get to earn a reliable monthly passive income while building generational wealth for you and your family.

And you get to do it all from the comfort of your home using your cell phone.


If you are ready to build financial freedom and to create success on your terms, then together we will empower each other to...

Each member can earn unlimited monthly income when we collectively purchase everyday products from our community store to re-circulate the money we spend.

You can work from anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone at your convenience.

Connect with family & friends on your Mobile Phone, Facebook, Instagram or your favorite social media platform.

Earn Unlimited Monthly Income

Work from home using your mobile phone to invite family & friends from social media with Dr. Wade's targeted inspirational messages & videos

It takes 4 years to achieve a 4-year college degree. It takes a doctor 8 to 12 years to complete his or her training. And it takes a business owner many years to build a successful business. Thus…we know that in order to build a successful wealth-building plan, you need lots of time for it to grow. But when you join our FREE wealth-building community, we employ an all hands on deck approach to generate all of our members a progressive, monthly passive income, long-term generation wealth, and free wealth-building education.

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This means you will earn 5% of the total sales from all of these purchases. This could represent 1,000’s, even 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars in monthly passive income being deposited directly into your bank account.

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The Free 2-Step “Wealth Gap”
Eliminator Process

People are frustrated because building financial wealth seems impossible. But don’t worry! With our free 2-step “Wealth Gap” eliminator process, you get a free lifetime membership. You can invite family & friends to join us…to economically empower your community…to become financially literate… and to earn unlimited streams of passive income. Ultimately…you will achieve more happiness, better health, time-freedom and financial independence.

We Measure Success in
Many Different Ways!

We all want to win. The only variation is the score we keep. We don’t want money to be our only measure of success. We want the members of our community to:
The metric is relative. But the desire is the same. A billionaire doesn’t need to work. Money becomes a way to keep a score or a relative account of how things are going. Even a billionaire who loses millions due to poor decisions can get depressed.

Although the money may have zero impact on his or her lifestyle, no one likes to lose. The drive to win is not a bad thing. Problems arise when the metric becomes the only measure of success. When what we achieve is no longer tied to “why” we exist, then we have nothing to inspire us to keep fighting the battle we set out to win in the first place.

Shop products & services promoted by a growing network of small business owners.

Earn 5% commissions from the store purchases of 1000’s of new members plus existing members who truly care about your success & well-being.

Support our mission by sponsoring other people to join our community and purchase products from our community store so that everyone wins.

The Education Process

Get a free wealth-building education that will include an unlimited number of tips, strategies, recommendation and a growing list of services that will generate you more passive income and financial freedom.

The 2-Step “Wealth Gap”
Eliminator Process

We Build Wealth Together

We Acquire Financial Literacy Together

We Are All Stronger When We
Work Together

We can support our families by supporting businesses. When businesses struggle, communities struggle. When communities struggle, families struggle. When families struggle, individuals struggle. When individuals struggle, it leads to joblessness, crime, imprisonment, poverty, homelessness, health issues, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and even death.

But when our businesses grow, our economic empowerment grows. We must work together as one to impact our struggles with the greatest amount of force.

Success is a team sport. We must take an all hands on deck approach. When we work together to consistently increase the number of new members and regularly purchase products from our community store we all get paid. Everyone will receive a pay check then a pay raise then another one each and every month as loyal members of our community.

Building Communities

Generating Wealth

Creating Jobs

Sell your products on our website to support your family, empower
your community and hire your neighbors.

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