Are you struggling financially? Have no health insurance? Experiencing student loan debt? Can’t make money online? Sick of 9 to 5 jobs? Have no time-freedom?

My name is Tarence Wade, M.D. And I have a solution for you.


For the last 10 years of my life, I have spent nearly every single day attempting to develop a bullet-proof system to help people to gain more control over their lives, finances, time and health. In a few minutes, I would like to tell you why I’m qualified to help you achieve miraculous results. Look, it is important that the person that’s helping you or the person that’s sharing information with you has the experience or the credentials in a way that you can benefit from him or her.

In a few minutes, I would like to tell you why I’m qualified to help you achieve miraculous results.

Look, it is important that the person that’s helping you or the person that’s sharing information with you has the experience or the credentials in a way that you can benefit from him or her.


After 26 years of practicing emergency medicine, I have personally experienced the pains and frustration felt by literally hundreds of people I have served.

I have treated people who’ve gotten laid-off and couldn’t find work. I have treated people who’ve gotten injured where they could no longer hold a job. I have treated people who’ve become disabled from catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

I have experienced the transformation in people’s lives going from being highly productive individuals to being confronted with crippling depression and bouts of suicidal behavior simply because they could no longer work or find employment.

I have experienced the transformation in people’s physical state going from being healthy, vibrant individuals to having conditions of devastating health consequences such as stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure, terminal cancer and the many complications of longstanding diabetes…along with other chronic diseases.

I have met people who are working and facing the negative effects from working under stressful conditions.

God has provided me the training and education to help heal the sick and deal directly with their acute medical emergencies.


I truly believe it is my calling, my conviction, and my dedication to help to heal people from their financial woes, worries, frustrations and suffering.

It needs my focused attention. So that’s why I have created a dynamic and evolving success system for the people I serve. It’s called The 1 Hour Workweek.


Just like perhaps some of my readers, I started out very poor growing up as a young boy…living out in the country side near a small rural town down in the Mississippi Delta…one of the poorest areas in the United States.

Nevertheless, I grew up believing that one day I would achieve the American Dream of creating financial wealth and time freedom.

I believed that one day I would be given the opportunity to help others to achieve that same dream.

So over the years, I grew into a young man, conquered my adversities and chose what I believed at the time was my dream profession.

As a child, I had always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor. So with my faith in God…my will power, hard work, determination, and the support of my family… I became an emergency room physician.

It has been exciting, challenging, and gratifying. I have helped to heal and save the lives of thousands of people in distress…making a significant difference in their lives and the lives of their families.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I still do. While at the same time…I have lived a very good lifestyle while earning a high 6-figure income.

However! After 26 years of being on the “job”, I still have not achieved the financial wealth and time freedom I know that all of us deserves.


But I also know that if it’s going to be possible: WE MUST DO IT TOGETHER. As you noticed…I have strongly emphasized these 5 words.

I did this because…this is the only way it’s going to happen for…both you and me. And if you try to do this along without the masses of people helping you…you are going to feel miserable.

Ok… back to what I was saying because this moment of truth fell across my brain. LOL!!!

I found myself still working from paycheck to paycheck…working as many as 200 to 240 hours a month. I became fed-up waking-up to the same old miserable time clock trading my time for another paycheck.

Just like you…I wanted to be my own boss so that I could call the shots. I wanted to choose when, where, and how I wanted it to happen.

You may have been told about the importance of going to school, working hard, and getting a good “job” (e.g. just over broke, juggling our bills) until you retire one day. If you’re like me, I simply didn’t want to continue working the so-called 40-40-40 Plan.

Basically! I was living a recipe for lifelong struggle and a step away from potential debt crisis. That’s because all my income was going towards income taxes, paying my mortgage, car notes, health insurance, and tons of other bills that kept coming no matter what…keeping me a step closer to being in debt.


I have spent more than 20 years looking for a solution. I bought all kinds of tapes, programs, and plans. I literally tried and tested dozens of opportunities promising me the magic solution.

Unfortunately, none of them came close to fulfilling their promise…nor fulfilling my dream. So, I decided to strike it out on my own to create my own reliable solution.

Then finally... it happened!

After twenty years of trials and tribulations, and after many years of trying and testing dozens of different opportunities, and after 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars of investing my personal income…I developed a real, practical, simple yet powerful solution!

I cracked the code for entrepreneurial success where not only I can win…but so that You Can Win!

That’s because…I know that to have long lasting success in any market…you must have lots of partners. And this system truly caters to the success of each and every partner. That includes you and everyone else who joins our team. But this wasn’t always easy.

In order to create this success system…I had to purchase tons of very expensive courses along the way.

I had to learn lots of technical details and a huge number of internet marketing strategies and success tools.

I had to invest hundreds of hours of my personal time on learning how to build a WordPress blog, marketing software, product sourcing, video marketing, Facebook marketing, Google marketing, and literally hundreds of other techniques and skills required to be successful online.

I was advised by essentially every top internet marketing experts in the world that I needed to learn these tools and strategies in order to be successful online.

Along the way, I discovered that developing a successful online business is very tedious, time-consuming, and expensive undertaking.

It required lots of my attention, my dedication, and I had to constantly update, modify, and tweak the system. And I still am to this very day. And I know I will still be making better changes till my last day on this precious earth. So bear with me through this ongoing process. We will do this TOGETHER.

In fact, I had to deal with hiring web designers, graphic artists, programmers, videographers, social media marketers, conversion experts, voice-over experts, SEO traffic experts and many others who are masters at what they do.

In the process…it took me over 8,500 hours of research, preparation, writing, and editing to create the perfect success system that helps people to gain more control over their life, finances, time and health.

I’ve worked extensively with…

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing



WordPress Development

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Shopping Cart Development

Product Sourcing


Software Research

It took hundreds of hours of training and I spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on software, books, seminars, and courses while being taught by some of the best internet marketing gurus and success coaches in the worlds…just to create this system.

Some of the books that I have read include:

To my advantage, I have a background in marketing and a team of marketing experts in my business who have high integrity, extremely competent, and who are compassionate and dedicate to serving others.

If you are frustrated and you “can’t get focused” and you “keep getting distracted” from all the noise and confusion in the marketplace when it comes to gaining more control over your life, finances, time and health…my system will help you.

If fact, my system is based on actual results from real world strategies.

I’ve studied the likes of Frank Kern, considered by many as one of the most brilliant internet marketer on the planet.

Mike Koenig of Traffic Geyser who is a master at video marketing. Brendon Burchard of Expert Academy who teaches thousands how to become millionaire coaches, writers, speakers, and internet marketers. And Jeff Walker…the creator of The Product Launch Formula.

I’ve learned from other top experts such as Jeff Johnson, Kevin Wilke, Bill Glazier, Ryan Deiss, Eben Page, Mike Filsaime, and Chris Farrell to name just a few.

And now! I have applied my 8,500 hours of intense training, all my life experiences, and all my work


Very Powerful, Automated, Simple, Easy, and Risk-Free Success System

…to give you the American Dream of more happiness, better health, time-freedom and financial freedom…also common known as our 4 Pillars of Success… for you and your families. My system involves using the amazing power of

…all combined where you get everything you need to gain more control over your life, finances, time and health.

You see! I’ve eliminated 99.9% of all your barriers to economic success and time freedom. Plus! You’ll get to tap into a…

Very Dynamic and Massive Money Making Compensation Plan.


Like I said! As a little boy, I grew up believing that one day I would achieve the American Dream of creating financial wealth and time freedom.

I also believed that one day I would be given the opportunity to help others to achieve that same dream.

Along the way…as a medical doctor…I helped to heal and save the lives of thousands of people…making a difference in their lives and the lives of their family.

However! I have also seen people suffer from the negative effects of being without a job and not having enough money to care for themselves and their family.

My Turning Point

“I even faced some personal challenges of my own. Two (2) years after going into private practice, I had to file for bankruptcy from some bad decisions I made.”

It cost me seven years of my life to clean up my act and to get back on the right track. And perhaps most importantly, it was an experience that made me a better person by learning from my mistakes.

Plus! If you understand business the way that I’ve been taught, you can never, ever create long lasting and sustainable success in any market, if you don’t have lots of partners. And if those partners don’t succeed, then the entire system fails.

So here is what I believe…as well as my entire team of marketer, designers, developers, etc.

“We have a relentless and passionate belief that every person has the right to enjoy happiness, good health, time-freedom and financial-freedom…regardless of who they are, where they live, and what they do.”

This belief is reflected in our Core Purpose, Vision Statement and our Core Values.

The 1 Hour Workweek has combined the Power of Relationship & the Power of Effective Partnership along with a Lucrative Compensation Plan where you get to gain more control over your life, finances, time and health.

You no longer have to live in constant “fear” of your future outlook which is taking a toll on your relationships, your motivation, and your self-esteem.


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